Sunday Papers – 3/5/15

My favourite day of the week used to be a Sunday. When I was younger, my dad would get the Sunday papers and we’d rotate them between myself, my dad and my mom. After he passed away, it became my job to go and fetch the papers for me and Mom to pour over. It was always a good round-up of the week’s news and gossip, and always a good talking point for us. (I didn’t dare do the puzzles though, Mom would have never forgiven me…)

Since she passed, it’s no longer something I do. It’s not the same without the both of them. But I do miss the reading time, and the chance to catch up with what I’ve missed in the week. Which gave me this idea. Every Sunday, I will be making a post just like this with links to stories, threads, videos and other things that I have found over the week for my readers to peruse and ponder over. So, without further ado…

theartoflaurel – a blogger shares her experiences with borderline personality disorder and dialetical behavioural therapy in the hope of alleviating the stigma surrounding BPD and other mental disorders.

Question to those who were diagnosed with a mental illness through the NHS. What was the diagnosis process like? – an insightful thread on reddit with users talking about their experiences in going through the NHS for a mental health diagnosis.

What works for Borderline Personality Disorder? – a hugely indepth playlist from a BPD conference last year, incredible for anyone recently diagnosed or a long-time sufferer.

Mind Media Awards 2015 – open for entries! – ‘The event, organised by the mental health charity Mind, invites journalists, bloggers, broadcasters and production teams to submit work which has helped to raise awareness of mental health problems and tackle outdated stereotypes.’ Get your votes in!

‘Samaritans’ Founder Honoured with Historic Plaque’ – the founder of the Samaritans receives a plaque in the church where he received his first call back in 1953.

May is Borderline Personality Disorder Awareness Month in the USA, something I wish spread to the UK but it doesn’t seem to have reached us. Nevertheless, I am hoping to spread more awareness this month as it seems like the right time. I will be sharing a post I wrote in an old blog about BPD at some point this week that will hopefully give some insight into the condition.

Finally, I’m going to post up a video that has made me smile the past few weeks. It’s from the guys at THAC TV (otherwise known as Troy Has A Camera), and it’s a daft one. Enjoy your week, and I will be back with more posts soon.


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