PSA: Katie Hopkins

WARNING – this post contains a lot of swearing. You were warned.

Do us all a favour – FUCK OFF.

What has the hook-nosed harpy done now? I hear you all cry. She’s mocked the poor, disabled, overweight, young, old, and Labour alike, but she’s stooped to a new low. How? By calling an autistic nine-year-old girl a ‘twat’. That’s right, I didn’t censor the word twat.


This man needs a Knighthood.

I echo a sentiment that we all must share – who the fuck does this woman think she is? Does she take gilded shits? Does she sneeze diamond dust? What has happened in her life that has left her so damaged that she thinks she has the right to speak so horrifically without thought or consequence?

Would she allow someone to talk so cruelly about her own children? I’ve just read that she was reported to social services by a concerned Twitter user because of her frankly damaging views having an impact on her children. She chides on and on about being a good mother – be that as it may, a good mother would think carefully about her behaviour coming back on her children. God forbid they go to secondary school and someone points out that their mum was caught shagging a man in a field, or that their mum is a bigot/fascist/racist/bully/troll/subhuman.

One Twitter user suggested maybe Katie herself has autism, as they noted, “If anyone has autism its you as you show a clear lack of feeling, compassion or empathy for anyone.” Let us not confuse autism with being a sociopath, now.

I have many friends on the spectrum. My best friend in school has Asperger’s. and she is a wonderful, loving mother of two beautiful girls. My brother-in-law has autism, and you would not meet a more loveable guy who has come so far in his life. There is a chance that my future children with my Other Half will be on the spectrum – and I couldn’t care less. They will be loved, nurtured and protected by two caring and understanding parents – no matter what problems they may face in their life. If I have to carry a shield to stop them throwing knives at me in the worst case scenario, then I will, but I’m telling you now that when they are calm, I will give them the biggest hug and remind them they are loved.

Children with difficulties such as autism or behavioural disorders are greatly misunderstood. But they cannot help who they are.

Unlike a certain witch who thinks it’s okay to be so disgusting on a public forum.

Katie, I don’t know if you’re a sociopath, if you suffer from narcissistic personality disorder, or even if you may be borderline. I don’t know if there is something in your past that has made you so hateful and vile. Or maybe it’s to do with the epilepsy that you suffer from – do you live every day like it’s going to be your last, so fuck everyone else?

I don’t know. I don’t care. But frankly what I do know, is that you’re the twat. Pick on someone your own size, you craggle-faced hag.


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