A petition worthy of everyone’s attention!

I see a lot of petitions pop up on Facebook and Twitter daily for different causes. I don’t sign all of them – that might make me sound terrible but unless it moves me or resonates with me, I will scroll past it. It’s the curse of social media – every cause is important even when it’s not.

Truth time: I have dropped out of university. Twice. Both times were due to my mental health and the struggle of balancing work with my own problems. That is a story for another time – but getting support was like pulling teeth. I thought the systems I had experienced were bad, but then I read my friend Vinnie‘s story.

‘Stop the discrimination against and harrassment of students with psychiatric and learning disabilities within Rutgers University’

You might recognise Vinnie from the YouTube series EverymanHYBRID, he is an awesome guy and has been through a lot with his university. In his words;

‘At one point in my dealings with one of the University Deans I candidly disclosed my various diagnoses, and how my illnesses severely affect my ability to study, execute assignments, take tests, etc. The Dean callously and unsympathetically told me that I “should have been a man, and did what I needed to do” complete my classes.’

‘According to them, if they gave me help they’d have to “give every student who came in after failing their class a free pass”.  I was told all of this even after I had presented documentation from my physicians and others substantiating my chronic psychiatric illnesses and disabilities.’

Seriously, read through what Vinnie has to say about his treatment. It is despicable and the people who are apparently in charge of his education and future should not be allowed to get away with treating him and other disabled students in such a way.

‘It is an unfortunate fact that someone experiencing the symptoms that are typical with certain types of psychiatric illnesses can easily be swept aside, and told to “man up” by those who are unfamiliar with these illnesses. Not every person with psychological illnesses looks sick, but we are.’

Please sign this, for Vinnie and for every other person out there who has suffered because of people in authority not being compassionate and helping those who need it most.

Need the link again? Sign here.


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