Slimming World – it bloody works!

BEFORE I START – I haven’t been paid for this entry. I am not advertising Slimming World – not intentionally anyway – and I’m not getting anything for writing this.

I wrote back in July that I was starting Slimming World in a last-ditch attempt to finally lose some weight after my miserable foray into controlling my calories and going to the gym. There had been posts on social media from my friends who had followed Slimming World and the results had been amazing! So, I thought I’d give it a go. It was stressed to me over and over that it wasn’t a diet but a lifestyle change, something that stood out to me.

My group is amazing. The consultant Denise is one of the most radiantly positive people I have ever met. She lost weight through Slimming World and her belief in the plan is clear in everything she says. When we’re in group, it’s all about positivity, sharing experiences and our worries – but it’s never negative or judgemental. The whole time I’ve been there, I don’t actually know anyone’s weight by number, only the weight they’ve lost. The effort means more than the start.

My confidence has grown since I’ve been going. I’ve made friends, I feel appreciated when I walk through the door until I leave the group. I was even nominated for Woman of The Year 2015 very soon after I started! The winner of the award for our group was a lovely woman who has lost a whopping 5 stone and she thoroughly deserved it. I really look forward to going every week.

As for the plan itself – well, I’m actually eating more than I’ve ever eaten before. But, it’s all good stuff. Plenty of fruit and vegetables, tasty meals including pasta, bread and potatoes. I’m still allowed my treats as well! In moderation, obviously, but having chocolate isn’t scolded at all – the plan factors it all in. The Other Half is eating the same meals and is losing weight too! We won’t look like supermodels in five weeks time when we get married, but we will look and feel so much better than we have done.

Oh, and the important bit. Since going, I have lost 10 and a 1/2lb, and the way I’m going I will have my 1 stone award well in time for the wedding!


Left: April 2013 Right: October 2015

On the left, that was me on my 23rd birthday. I was still in recovery from my breakdown, still bloated from meds and lethargy and I didn’t feel great. My birthday was spent in hospital with my mom, who was waiting for her NG tube to be removed and a new PEG put in her stomach instead (she was going to put it off, but I insisted that she go because my birthday was going to be miserable regardless). Three months before that, I’d broken up with The Ex, I had just been ditched by MFP and blindly hoped for reconciliation. I prayed in vain that he would call me on that day because it was my birthday… I was left waiting. I was in a very bad place.

But on the right, that was taken this morning. Same outfit. Different person. Slimming World has given me a push in regards to my physical health and I can’t wait to see how much more weight I will lose and what I will look like this time next year. Maybe, for the first time in my life, I will be happy in my skin and feel attractive. I might even feel beautiful.

If you love food and you want to lose weight, seriously, do it through Slimming World. Not only will you lose weight, but you will meet new people and learn so many things about yourself.


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  1. Agnes says:

    Glad it’s been working for you! It all sounds good and positive 🙂 xxx

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