Being a busy borderline

Going through a depressive episode, plus trying to kickstart my life as a writer and a student, doesn’t mix well. A good example of this is the fact that I said I would write this very post after my last one… that was three days ago. I’ve just been so low and lacking in energy. But I’m doing okay, thanks to my wonderful husband and the supportive people in my life – I just need my brain to align with my life a little more.

Before I really started dipping in mood, I’d actually been getting stuff done. I wrote a post over at my friend Natalee’s blog about one of my passions in life – if you’re interested in finding out my favourite berry lipsticks, then check it out! I may be writing another post for her at some point in the future, so keep your eyes peeled.

Source: Perfect Berry Shades For Winter – Guest Post

I’m also delighted to say that I’ve been given a chance to flex my nerd muscles as a regular writer for Some Nerd Girl – a fantastic blog with posts written by some amazing nerd girls about all sorts of topics. My first post was about the horror books that got me into the genre, which you can read along with my writer’s bio. I’m working on my next post about the fantastic programme You, Me and The Apocalypse, which is one of the best shows I’ve watched this year (it even tops Jessica Jones, which is pretty hard to beat but there you go!)


Source: The Top Five Books That Turned Me into a Horror Nerd

Then there’s my Borderline Bride piece which I’m still writing – but I’m trying to explore avenues where it might get seen by a larger audience of people who may actually want to see it. More importantly, I want it to be seen by anyone who has BPD and is in a long-term relationship with marriage on the horizon.

I’m still chugging along with my other projects, and there are a few ideas I have floating around my head so who knows? Maybe 2016 is going to be the year when I actually succeed as a writer.


Well, I’ve spent most of this entry plugging my own work which I am desperately uncomfortable with, so here are some pieces written by others that you should read. Do it. Read them with a cup of tea and a biscuit – it’s Saturday, why not?

Why don’t people with mental health problems just get a job? – A thought-provoking piece by Charlotte Walker, who blogs and tweets about her life with bipolar disorder.

Secret Teacher: I dare not tell anyone about my personality disorder – The Guardian’s blogger known as the Secret Teacher writes about their best-kept secret; their borderline personality disorder.

Surviving Christmas When You Have Borderline Personality Disorder – Peter gives some very practical advice about surviving the festive season with BPD.



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