St. Valentine was also the patron saint of bee keepers…

Valentine’s Day is a rubbish holiday. There have only been two times I’ve ever been bothered about it – when First Ex was in Italy for a school trip on our first V-Day as a couple (I was 15 and it was my first Valentine’s Day with a boyfriend) and when The Ex somehow forgot that V-Day existed (I gave him hell for it, which he made up for with a bunch of roses that evening), but aside from those two moments, it has always been just another day. As it should be.

Do you want to know the sad fact about this day? It makes single people feel like shit for being single, and it makes couples feel inferior to other couples who have gone way out in their V-Day celebrations. ‘Oh you got your girlfriend a bunch of roses? That’s nice, I got my girlfriend flowers, chocolates, champagne, a Pandora bracelet, a puppy and a spa break. Did you see her Instagram post about it? Of course you did, I shared it on Facebook and Twitter.’ And then the single people are left to scour their social media feeds, seeing all these happy, fortuitous couples and their gifts and their declarations of love…

Nobody ends up feeling good when all is said and done.

And then there’s that old argument – you don’t need one day to

2016-02-14 16.02.09

My husband thinks he’s funny… but this is sweet, I’ll give him that

show your love to one person. As bitter as it sounds, it’s true. Because today isn’t about showing your love for someone, it’s about showing everyone else your love for someone. It becomes a dick swinging contest with rose petals and diamonds. And yeah, maybe it’s a bit rich coming from a married woman – but I haven’t always been married. The last V-Day I spent single, I spent in my pyjamas, I got drunk on pear cider and watched a Protest The Hero stream. I couldn’t talk to the man I loved and I was drinking to hide the fact that we would never be together.

February 14th was just salt in a very open wound.

No-one should ever feel bad for being single. No-one should feel inferior because their gift to their other half isn’t showy or fancy like they’ve seen on social media. It’s all bullshit anyway. Everyone knows the best holiday is Halloween anyway.

Bonus: My Husband usually feels the same way when it comes to V-Day, but in an effort to wind me up, he decided to get me a card and a box of Milk Tray. It wasn’t a romantic gesture, he’s just a funny dick like that. Happy Valentine’s Day to you, arsehole! ♥


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