Well, that was a busy week!

I’m on day three of recovering much needed spoons. It took me well over an hour to get the energy just to shower after watching Game of Thrones, and several more hours before I could sit in front of the laptop to catch up with writing and emails amongst other things. Husband just walked in with apple turnovers for me – Slimming World be damned this week – and my head is still upright. Mental Health Awareness Week 2016 was pretty spectacular in my opinion, and I was very busy throughout the entire week. It’s been bloody hard but so very exciting too!

Let’s just have a brief rundown of the week, shall we? 

My social media pages, both Facebook and Twitter, have been buzzing with activity over the whole seven days. On Monday I promised you all that I would be posting on this blog daily about relationships and the like, given that the theme of this years MHAW was indeed relationships. I think I wrote the hardest entry first for Tuesday, just to get it out of the way. It’s never been a secret that my relationship with Manipulative Ex was awful but I don’t think people ever realised I had been in an emotionally abusive relationship with him. Honestly, I glossed over a lot of the worst details of our time together because I’m not ready to make that so public. Maybe one day.

Wednesday, I got to spend a few hours at Birmingham City University with Christina from Think4Brum to try and raise some awareness for Forward Thinking Birmingham and Pause in the city centre. Although it was admittedly quiet, I got to have a good chat with a student who was helping out on behalf of the university as well as the uni mascot. The one thing I remember from our conversation? The words ‘naughty horse.’ 


The goodies from our stall at BCU!

Then came Friday. Earlier in the week I’d got a phone call from Lakhvir from the previous week’s MHFA training sessions, asking me to come to a workshop where people from the four mental health trusts in the Midlands would be attending. It sounded like a Very Big Deal, so of course I said I would do it – that is something I will write about in an upcoming post, so you’ve got that to look forward to! The day was long, but really insightful and actually quite fun too. I am hopeful that many good things will come of it.

The weekend has been spent recuperating, but as Husband so rightly put it I am currently ‘deep in my spoons overdraft’. I’m not exactly eating well, and I’m barely taking care of myself. But I’m tired and low, and anticipating a lot of upcoming events with both excitement and anxiety so keeping the balance between mental and physical health is pretty hard at the moment. It’s another two weeks until I see the ANP and I have yet to get my test results back from the immunologist, which is sorely playing on my mind too.

Mental Health Awareness Week 2016 was a huge and personal success. I just need the ability to hibernate all the energy back that I spent.


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