225mg to 150 mg

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I slept all day yesterday, just to avoid Game of Thrones spoilers. Lol jk, it was due to my venlafaxine dosage withdrawals – I slept from just past midnight until Husband came home at 4.30pm. He genuinely thought I was dead because I hadn’t texted him back and our bedroom door was closed when he got back. Out of all the withdrawal effects, the 16 hours of sleep was definitely the mildest…

I started back at 150mg on Tuesday morning, the day of the Shout Out For Youth Mental Health event. For most of the day I was absolutely fine! I came home after Slimming World (I rushed there from town with help of Husband rescuing me from a boiling pot bus) and lay in bed for a little while before getting up to play some FFXIV. So far, very normal. That was until my vision started blurring. I’d noticed that day during the presentations that my eyesight has definitely declined and I was probably due an eye test soon but this blurriness came out of nowhere. Over around ten minutes it got worse until I was pretty much blind in one eye for a few seconds. It was scary until I realised I’d felt this before – fucking venlafaxine. 



Withdrawals suck. I’ve been through them plenty of times before but let me tell you, they suck. Over the past week I’ve been a headachey, overwhelmed, weepy, over-eating mess of a woman, flipping between feeling like I have the flu and like I could fly out of a window. Brain zaps are the worst, along with the blurry vision and the sensory overload. I’ve got three more weeks of 150mg before I go back to the nurse to drop again to 75mg – and that’s only if I don’t need to bump up the lamotrigine to make up for the venlafaxine deficit. I know medication isn’t the be all and end all of psychiatric treatment, but it’s been a big help to me in getting back on my feet and dealing with the worst symptoms of my disorder.

Luckily I’m feeling loads better after a week of withdrawals. I will probably have a bit of weight gain after hoovering up everything in sight, but that’s the easiest thing I can fix. Despite the brain zaps and feeling like hell I’ve still managed to get work done! See the links at the top of this entry to see what I’ve written recently. I also got 79% on my latest Open University assignment – I’m dead chuffed about that! Two very high marks in a row, that’s better than I ever did at school, college or university in my life.

I’ve got to keep this short. Freelance life is awesome, and I love taking jobs whenever I can but money is still not great. So I have a job interview this afternoon for some part-time hours so I have some money in my pocket to help me keep building the path I want to take in life. If I don’t get the job that’s fine, but if I do? Awesome! The fact I’m even going to a job interview means I’ve beaten the biggest demons I’ve had to face since losing my last job. Life is good friends, life is good.

(Do you know what else is good? Not having brain zaps.)


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One Response to 225mg to 150 mg

  1. Angharad May says:

    I’ve had venlafaxine withdrawal symptoms too, I got a bit vertigo-ey which was horrible. I hope you’re feeling better soon. Good luck with your job interview! xoxo


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