A borderline view on #brexit

52% of the UK voted that we leave the European Union. David Cameron is stepping down as Prime Minister. Nigel Farage thinks he’s Bill Pullman in Independence Day. It’s not even midday yet and the apocalypse is seemingly on the horizon as far as the other 48% are concerned. What a morning.

The last time we were faced with such political upheaval, I didn’t take it very well. That was Husband’s first concern when we woke to the result this morning, his fear was that this huge amount of uncertainty would send me into a downward spiral of paranoia and terror. That’s not to say that I’m not worried now. After all, this is going to have a huge effect on all of us on such a massive scale no matter which way the pendulum swings for the UK. The worst thing is that we simply can’t, at this time anyway, predict what’s ahead for us. Article 50 (the decree absolute between the UK and the EU) doesn’t come into effect until the end of the year so all this hype now is kinda pointless – but people are both afraid and jubilant depending on which box they crossed. Facebook and Twitter have become running opinion feeds with emotions very high. And we all know that when emotions get involved with such heavy topics as politics, things can get very messy.

Which is where I come in.

Friends, I am stunted in how I see people and the world. Knowing this doesn’t allow me to switch it off but it makes me aware of the fact that the way I look at things will differ from those without BPD. I think in black and white, all or nothing, and with this referendum result I am forcing myself to think in white. Don’t get me wrong, I think the country is in for a rough ride but I have to look at it with a cynical view rather than I would’ve done as an angry, volatile teenager. When war was declared in Iraq, I walked out of school as a protest… even though the teachers were none-the-wiser. I thought I was a revolutionary when I was just a 13-year-old kid who managed to get lost on the other side of her school where she broke out from. I’ve said it before, if I can’t laugh at life then I might as well lie down and wait to die. And there are some absolute fuckwittery to laugh at in the wake of this.


Nigel Farage. Nigel fucking Farage. The man looks like a toad, acts like he’s the bad boy of politics and is likely to hire Polish contractors to remodel his kitchen whilst complaining about immigrants coming here and stealing British jobs – he wouldn’t hire British because he wouldn’t want to pay that much. Only this morning he has already gone back on one of the biggest selling points of the Leave campaign, and that was the promise of £350 million being put back into the NHS that had previously been spent on the EU. He said it was ‘a mistake to make that claim.‘ An easy mistake to make of course, especially when you’ve put it on the side of buses… oh, and then he made a very stupid fucking comment about how they had won victory ‘without a single bullet being fired‘ – except you know, Jo Cox MP was shot and murdered only last week. You utter fucking cuntbucket.


Oh well, at least he’s out of a job now. Nigel Farage was an MEP. No EU, no European Parliament. What a fuckwit.


David Cameron stepped down as Prime Minister, after being the one to call for this referendum in the first place. He is basically your ex-girlfriend who wants to break up after starting a fight about that one thing you said whilst drunk four years ago in Blackpool. He’s fucked up and now he wants to get the fuck out of here. Is anyone surprised? This is the man who is yet to comment on claims that he put his penis in a dead pig during his time at university, who didn’t even come out to say it wasn’t true. The man who started attacking the benefits of the disabled after he tragically lost his young disabled son – don’t tell me not to go there, he’s the reason my mom died poor. So with him no longer wanting to run our country, who’s going to step up to the plate? Well, there are a few options.


Boris fucking Johnson. He’s a meme on legs.


Michael ‘Satan’ Gove. You want to get a teacher ranting? Just mention this man’s name.

There are benefits to the idea of being out of the EU. Come on Claire, have you taken your medication today? I hear you ask. Yes I have, and I haven’t touched my diazepam at all. People can no longer blame immigrants for fucking up the country. Why are we broke? You voted for it. There are no jobs! You voted for it. Where did we go wrong? You voted for it. Voting to leave the EU won’t magically make all immigration problems disappear, if you think that then someone should’ve taken your ballot paper away from you.

…actually, that’s the only plus side. I’m sure there will be more. Maybe. Perhaps not.

The main worry I have at the moment is the mental wellbeing of others being affected by this news. This morning, the £ value dropped to the lowest it has been for over twenty years – an event being compared to the Black Monday stock crash of 1987. While the Bank of England have promised to help stabilise this, and the value has slowly climbed slightly as the morning has gone on. Although claims of higher suicide rates after Black Monday and the even earlier Wall Street Crash of 1929 have never been substantiated, uncertainty such as this can fuel the flames inside a troubled mind. People might be worried about how they’re going to afford to live if we’re without the support of the EU, or for the future of themselves and their children. Those who work within politics and economics now have more pressure on their shoulders than ever, and I don’t envy the positions of those on either side of the campaign. Those who fought for Remain must surely feel defeat, while those who got the result for Leave now have to make good on the promises and claims they made during their work.

My mom wanted me to work in politics. Instead I developed a serious mental illness and work in MH advocacy – which I wouldn’t swap now or ever.

These are uncertain times. And the main message I want to spread is to keep calm. I don’t mean that as an insufferable meme based on Britain’s war effort, I very literally mean that we should all keep calm for the meantime. If someone with Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder can keep calm, then you can too. And if there is anyone out there with any form of mental health disorder – not just BPD – who is worried and can’t possibly stay calm, don’t bottle it up. Call Samaritans on 116 123, email jo@samaritans.org, talk to someone you trust, talk to me! Email me if need be, don’t go through these thoughts alone. Because you’re not alone, and people do care. In these times, we need to be there for each other.

And with that, I’m looking forward to The Last Leg’s take on this. I live for Adam Hills screaming down a camera about everything that’s wrong with the world.


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