Swings, roundabouts, the whole damn play area

After my appointment with Nurse Awesome on Monday, I got a call from the psychologist early on Tuesday morning as promised. I was taken aback at just how nice she sounded – after my experience with my consultant and Dr Eyebrows I had very little faith left in clinical staff.

She gave me her apologies for not being able to offer me DBT as it had seemed that it was the only treatment I wanted, but I explained to her about it being the proverbial carrot ever since my diagnosis. This confused her somewhat, as she told me that Dr Eyebrows had been made aware that I wasn’t eligible for DBT back then. Fuck you Dr Eyebrows, fuck you and your fucking eyebrows. For nearly two years I was basically messed around because of him and my consultant not communicating with me. Once again, the psychologist was incredibly apologetic and actually annoyed that I had been let down so badly.Fuck-you-and-eyebrows

I explained that all I’d wanted was a treatment that worked for me – not necessarily DBT, but just something that gives me a chance to deal with my abnormal thoughts and behaviours. Something that isn’t just medication. The meds are good, they help with the symptoms, but they don’t deal with the root cause. She was very understanding of that, and so I’m booked in for a psychological assessment on August 4th to see what can be done. It’s going to take around an hour and a half and Husband is going to be there with me, so I’ll have support no matter what happens. I’m eager to meet her if I’m honest, she sounds like someone who will listen to me and take on board what I tell her.

Definitely a positive step in the right direction as it stands at the moment.

I spent yesterday afternoon at the Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust AGM, where I met up with Lakhvir again and we got chatting about some more possible opportunities for me in the future. I got to chat to a fair few people and also learned a lot about what the Trust has in store for service users like myself in the next year. There will be a write-up about the day coming up shortly, so look forward to it!


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