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Eurus: The lost and lonely child

WARNING: This post contains spoilers from the BBC Sherlock finale ‘The Final Problem‘; if you haven’t watched this episode yet then avoid this post.  I’m not here to dissect what may have been the last ever episode of BBC’s Sherlock. … Continue reading

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Psychologists are basically wizards

I managed to get some sleep last night after writing my last post, and woke up far too tired this morning when both of the alarms Husband set rang. I knew I had to get up to go and meet … Continue reading

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The longest-running relationship of my life

Mental Health Awareness Week 2016 – Relationships I spent a lot of time on my own as a child. It wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, I was a weird kid and other children just didn’t really connect with me. The … Continue reading

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Ten years today

I had made some epic plans for Friday 24th March 2006. My dad had given me the day off from school as I’d been bombarded with mock exams and coursework in the run-up to my GCSEs – something which I … Continue reading

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WARNING: This post contains images that some readers may find disturbing – proceed with caution. I spent a good portion of my childhood in Selly Oak Hospital, what with my mom’s cancer treatments, and my dad’s illness. The hospital closed down … Continue reading

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O Brother(s), wherefore art thou?

People are always surprised when I tell them that I am not an only child. See, when people have siblings they at least mention them in passing, right? Or when you ask them about their family, they will tell you … Continue reading

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The leftovers of a broken childhood

I struggle to write anything for two weeks, then in one day I write two blog entries – that’s the way the dice rolls, I guess. The title of this post relates somewhat to the video I just watched on … Continue reading

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