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This is when It All Gets A Bit Dark

The skills that I’m learning in therapy have actually started to become easier to ingrain in my everyday life. So much so that I find myself being able to subconsciously deal with situations that would usually be very difficult and … Continue reading

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I haven’t eaten my legs, though

Did you know that when an octopus is over-stressed, it will eat its own limbs? While I haven’t resorted to auto-cannibalism, I have recently reached a level of stress where I seem to have just ceased to function. After a … Continue reading

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Let’s try normality, yeah?

So, I’m trying to work my way towards a paid job. It’s something I can do and have plenty of past experience in, and hopefully will give me some routine and a chance to balance myself. Because after only one … Continue reading

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Psychologists are basically wizards

I managed to get some sleep last night after writing my last post, and woke up far too tired this morning when both of the alarms Husband set rang. I knew I had to get up to go and meet … Continue reading

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A plan to not plan to plan… Plan?

It was probably around the time I left my first university when I decided that I needed to follow some sort of plan in life. I’d flitted between aspirations and ‘what-ifs’ up until then, wanting to be a vet, actress, … Continue reading

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This is why I am scared of loving people!

I’m sick of this. I’m getting sick of letting people into my life and growing close to them, only for them to turn around years later and basically stick a knife in my heart when they’ve found themselves no longer … Continue reading

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“It was a different time for them…”

Mental Health Awareness Week – 2016 It’s the one argument that I’ve heard far too many times in regards to mental health. The generation above mine and the one before that, they don’t see mental illness as a serious matter. … Continue reading

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