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Weight of a (very distant) world

The past few weeks have been hard. On January 18th I was told on Facebook that a dear friend I’d known online for over a decade had passed away after suffering an aneurysm. We never met in person as Tanya … Continue reading

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“This is the part where you run away…”

So I reckon I’m about five sessions into therapy with Wizard Psych, and progress is being made I must say. Over Christmas we were with The In-Laws and had a strangely (to me, anyway) functional time with zero fights, no … Continue reading

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A plan to not plan to plan… Plan?

It was probably around the time I left my first university when I decided that I needed to follow some sort of plan in life. I’d flitted between aspirations and ‘what-ifs’ up until then, wanting to be a vet, actress, … Continue reading

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We deserve better; I deserve better!

My last post about the aftermath of the EU referendum results was controversial, to say the least. The best reactions were definitely from my Husband – he said he had been laughing about it all through work that day, and … Continue reading

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This is why I am scared of loving people!

I’m sick of this. I’m getting sick of letting people into my life and growing close to them, only for them to turn around years later and basically stick a knife in my heart when they’ve found themselves no longer … Continue reading

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The most important relationship you can have?

Mental Health Awareness Week 2016 – Relationships You might have realised that I didn’t put a post up yesterday. Well, next week I’ll be updating you all with the things I’ve been up to recently, but right now I can … Continue reading

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Depression Awareness Week 2016

This week (18th-22nd April) is Depression Awareness Week, and the wonderful lot at The Blurt Foundation are running a social media campaign titled #WhatYouDontSee. The idea is to give a little insight into how hard people with depression are fighting … Continue reading

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