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Weight of a (very distant) world

The past few weeks have been hard. On January 18th I was told on Facebook that a dear friend I’d known online for over a decade had passed away after suffering an aneurysm. We never met in person as Tanya … Continue reading

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Carrie Fisher, and why everyone needs a Gary

To say I’m devastated about the sudden and sad passing of Carrie Fisher is no exaggeration. Growing up I only ever knew her as Princess Leia, who my dad (and probably everyone else’s dad) fancied from Star Wars. In more … Continue reading

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Psychologists are basically wizards

I managed to get some sleep last night after writing my last post, and woke up far too tired this morning when both of the alarms Husband set rang. I knew I had to get up to go and meet … Continue reading

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Furry friends are good for you

Mental Health Awareness Week 2016 – Relationships Sometimes, I’m not really good with people. It’s nothing to do with them, I just find social interactions very tiring. Keeping my filter in check so I don’t say something weird or offensive, … Continue reading

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Ten years today

I had made some epic plans for Friday 24th March 2006. My dad had given me the day off from school as I’d been bombarded with mock exams and coursework in the run-up to my GCSEs – something which I … Continue reading

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Lamotrigine – two weeks later

Dr Nutkins-May was kind enough to give me a month’s refill of lamotrigine as he had offered to do during our last appointment. I’m really pleased with this as I’ve found I usually have to jump through hoops to get … Continue reading

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I would’ve written this post yesterday, but the last day of 2015 threw me one last emotional hurdle to deal with – we had to say goodbye to our last cat, Pip. She had been succumbing to age very rapidly … Continue reading

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