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Capita visit – take 2

As you’re all aware, my recent dealings with Capita haven’t exactly proven fruitful. Which has been a source of stress for both Husband and I, as is anything that’s out of our control. After the last disaster that was trying … Continue reading

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Carrie Fisher, and why everyone needs a Gary

To say I’m devastated about the sudden and sad passing of Carrie Fisher is no exaggeration. Growing up I only ever knew her as Princess Leia, who my dad (and probably everyone else’s dad) fancied from Star Wars. In more … Continue reading

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Furry friends are good for you

Mental Health Awareness Week 2016 – Relationships Sometimes, I’m not really good with people. It’s nothing to do with them, I just find social interactions very tiring. Keeping my filter in check so I don’t say something weird or offensive, … Continue reading

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Dogs and writing

As I write this, I’m propping up a young man named Chuck. He is handsome, with big sad eyes, he loves cuddles and he is 28… in dog years. His mother Roxy is under my legs with my girl Lady … Continue reading

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Com├│radh Shona

‘Happy Anniversary’ Wednesday was a good day. Other Half and I visited the local donkey sanctuary with Lady – all the donkeys loved her, but she wasn’t so keen on the bigger, funny-looking dogs. We wandered around Sutton Park, had … Continue reading

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Pole fitness meets the unfit woman…

On my journey to become fitter and healthier that I started at the end of January this year, I have experimented with a few methods. My diet has been up and down – portion size is better, sugary drinks have … Continue reading

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This is Shandy. My parents let me take the day off school when we got her, because I was so excited to meet the newest member of our family – I was 13 at this point, we had an older … Continue reading

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