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Still not disabled enough? Thanks Capita!

I haven’t had the Brown Envelope of Doom yet, but today is the day my PIP benefit is paid into the bank and it would appear I’m being paid around ¬£70 less than I’ve been getting over the past three … Continue reading

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Weight of a (very distant) world

The past few weeks have been hard. On January 18th I was told on Facebook that a dear friend I’d known online for over a decade had passed away after suffering an aneurysm. We never met in person as Tanya … Continue reading

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A borderline view on #brexit

52% of the UK voted that we leave the European Union. David Cameron is stepping down as Prime Minister. Nigel Farage thinks he’s Bill Pullman in Independence Day. It’s not even midday¬†yet and the apocalypse is seemingly on the horizon … Continue reading

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It’s okay to be scared

I had just started secondary school when the September 11th attacks happened in America. Watching the footage of those planes going into the Twin Towers filled me with a fear I’d never felt before. I spent just over a week … Continue reading

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Where do we go from here?

Yesterday, I went out to vote in the general election. I was hoping that I would wake up this morning with a new government, one that cares about the people in the UK – no matter their background, income or … Continue reading

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