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This is when It All Gets A Bit Dark

The skills that I’m learning in therapy have actually started to become easier to ingrain in my everyday life. So much so that I find myself being able to subconsciously deal with situations that would usually be very difficult and … Continue reading

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Starting therapy…

I had my first therapy appointment yesterday. It was supposed to be with a new psychologist, but some logistical stuff has got in the way so instead I’m going to be continuing with the wonderful psychologist who has restored my … Continue reading

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The damage they do

On Tuesday, I had my appointment with the psychologist. This lady is brilliant, she and Nurse Awesome have actually spoken about my treatment TOGETHER, whilst being IN THE SAME ROOM as each other. This gives me a lot more hope … Continue reading

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Call her Nurse Awesome

So, I’ve just demolished two apple turnovers and I have a bottle of orange Lucozade by my side. Husband has Lady smooshed up next to him while we watch wrestling (she keeps falling asleep and waking up only to get … Continue reading

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