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Not a stranger…

It’s been nearly two months since I last wrote on this blog. If I’m being honest, I thought a lot about deleting the whole thing, or at least not writing again. After my last post about my benefit being taken … Continue reading

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Has it been nearly a month?

Nearly two weeks into December, and apparently nearly a month since I last wrote a blog entry here. In all honesty, I had forgotten mostly about this blog until I got a notification on Facebook to show that someone had unliked the … Continue reading

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The mirror and the knife

Being borderline is smashing a mirror up in the hopes of using a shard to harm yourself – and using the handle of a very sharp knife to smash up said mirror, despite the knife being much sharper but you’re … Continue reading

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225mg to 150 mg

“So What Do You Do For Fun?” – Magic: The Gathering, Mental Health – And Me, by Claire Stephenson – Manaleak.com Game of Thrones and What ‘ship May Never Be – somenerdgirl.com I slept all day yesterday, just to avoid … Continue reading

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Happy birthday All Mouth, No Spoons!

When I first started writing my blog, all I wanted to do was tell a story of how I live with borderline personality disorder. I wanted to be honest, blunt and a little bit funny too. If I’m honest, I … Continue reading

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Being a busy borderline

Going through a depressive episode, plus trying to kickstart my life as a writer and a student, doesn’t mix well. A good example of this is the fact that I said I would write this very post after my last … Continue reading

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Dogs and writing

As I write this, I’m propping up a young man named Chuck. He is handsome, with big sad eyes, he loves cuddles and he is 28… in dog years. His mother Roxy is under my legs with my girl Lady … Continue reading

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